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Blogging in the womens performances, by Milka Katašić.


She was born  in Novi Sad and  works as a journalist, TV reporter, blogger, writer. Milas website, her page on the Internet, is the place where she is the owner of short impressive stories, where she posts her records and travelogues.

Deployed her thinking, in which she is „seeking for people, places and things“, in her electronic diary. First of all, there are periodical articles, in reverse time sequence. The latest Milkas records are: on the top of the page – „Dove“, and last story „ Harmony of the plains“. At the beginning of March 2014, I read her fourteen diary records.

She navigates through time and a lot of blue shades ( indigo, cobalt, turquoise) – „ The blue of her fringe“, „City of blue down“. I have the impression that the blue is a favorite color of many writers. It  reflects the love of the river, sea, sky. Eagerly dives into the blue, with a memories from the trip and a handshake with a stranger. The photographs in frames on the commode. Memories!  So real and so imaginary. No, no appearances, peaceful spirit stained with sensibility. „ The furthest goes ones who travel in pair“- said our writer.

Inhales the smell of rosemary, listens pebbles in a collision at sea cliff, at the and of the bay.

„ Field of olives trees“-    past life are rinsed, filled and unfilled wishes.

There is also Bećarac in Novi Sad – Danube between the two bridges – which is reflected Petrovaradin Fortress : record „ Step betrays“- Danube sand on the body, which gives you a feeling that you can achieve something. A series of fragments of stories- that are formed into a whole.

She does not start stories accidentally, whose developments taking place on the bank of the Euphrates River, in ancient Mesopotamia – „The land between two rivers“, in the alluvial plain, river plain, in lowland areas, to the deserts of Arabia.

The girl with dreams- Dove, finds scrolls, she has this manuscripts on papyrus- made of thin crust. She is entering into Mesopotamia, known as the „cradle of civilization“.  Rediscovers Babylon.

„ Her Kingdom is Word“- says Milka. In the Old Testament of the Bible was Written: „There, the God wipes out the language of all the world“.

Katašić brings as back to the pluperfect, emotionally, with wealth of words, symbols. Traders of spices, colorful, monochromatic stones ( such as jade), large caravans. Augustine Og Mandino, American writer, in his book „ The greatest Salesman in the World“, wrote about ten scrolls: „ All the success, happiness, love, peace of mind and wealth, which I enjoyed, stems directly from these few ancient letter scrolls.“ The sages donated individual wisdom, thoughts, words, advice or message- so as the writers. These records are the rolls of our bloggers, in areas where the „ sun is mysterious“  of expression, with treasuries of words.

The records are inspirational, original, with lots of beautiful pictures, for a moment even provocative. Evoke positive emotions in rich simplicity and big possibilities of writing and expressions. Many ours of efforts in loneliness, through writing, in harmony and talks with her soul.

She is standing behind the camera and asking her guests profound questions, with the voice of „Breeze“- the name of her article. She brought the glory to other people. Many of them are very thankful to her, because of that. I bow to her writing, with very intense pleasant character, where I have feeling that i came out of the Alexandrian Library, where I read poetry ( in prose).

Milka Katašić says: „ The one who knows, does not speak“.

Mirjana Štefanicki Antonić


Novi Sad

March 2014.



















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